e-Emphasys ERP: Mobile Solutions


e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Mobile Field Service
  • Real-Time Dispatch Notifications – Have a technician on-site within minutes!
  • GPS Integration – Detailed routing information gets technicians to the job site faster
  • On-Site Reporting – Parts and labor can be reported against the work order before leaving the customer site
  • Less Hassle For Customers – Technicians can get a digital signature from customers on-site
  • Update Information In Real-Time – eServiceTech allows technician to submit repair notes from the field
  • Mobile Upload of repair pictures with annotations and notes
  • Reduce Paperwork – Technicians can record field notes through a voice-to-text converter
  • Shorten the Call-to-Cash Cycle – Provide technicians with everything they need to do the job, directly onto their mobile device


e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | e-Commerce Mobile Software

In the Office Or On the Go: Unparalleled  Data and Analytics are at Your Fingertips with e360

  • Gain new insights by combining transaction data with intelligent analytics
  • Ready access to information about your equipment, rentals and parts inventory
  • Information of each unit of equipment in your inventory, including configuration data
  • Detailed information of every spare part in your inventory, including warehouse-wise availability
  • Quick access to rental availability of any model or unit, including attachments
  • Ability to quickly find customers near your current location
  • In-depth customer information


e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | e-Commerce Mobile ePortal

Bring Your Parts Store to Your Customer’s Computer Screen with ePortal

  • Seamless Integration – Any interactions on ePortal are immediately reflected on e-Emphasys ERP
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction – Customers have access to information on stock, orders, delivery status, equipment, rentals and credit status
  • Reduce Selling Costs – ePortal eliminates the need for manual quotes and hard-copy catalogues
  • Meet Your Customer’s Needs – ePortal’s Equipment Portal, Rental Portal, Services Portal, Parts Portal and Finance Module makes your dealership a one-stop shop for all customer needs, 24 hours a day
  • Drive Revenue – Powerful e-Commerce tools allows your dealership to run, even when you’re off the clock


e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Field Service Software Mobile eInspection

eInspection: Asset Management Made Easy

  • Automated check-in and check-out of equipment
  • Reduced equipment downtime – Inspection process is streamlined so you can get your equipment checked-in and ready to rent faster
  • Paperless – eInspection gives you the ability to upload photos, generate PDF reports, accept digital signatures and more
  • On-Site Inspections – eInspection makes your Field Service Agents more efficient
  • On-line and Off-line capabilites
  • Seamless Integration – All eInspection interactions are immediately reflected on e-Emphasys ERP