Powerful, Real-Time Insights Into Cash Flow And Risks.

Your job is filled with data and reports. Which customers always pay late? Which ones pay on time? Who’s requested special payment terms or higher credit limits?

e-Emphasys gives you the tools to quickly review transactions, block sales, charge late payment fees, and increase credit limits and more.

e-Emphasys ERP gives you all the information you need, in powerful dashboards, to help you keep your company on solid financial footing.

Key Features For Credit Analysts

Comprehensive Credit Management

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Credit Analyst Comprehensive Credit Management

Easy-to-use tools give you the ability to assign credit ratings to individual customers, assign department-wide credit limits, mark customers as COD-only, block transactions until credit limits are assigned, and more.

Powerful Reporting

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Credit Analyst Powerful Reporting

Whether you’re reporting on total receivables, overdue payments, or average days to pay, e-Emphasys ERP’s powerful reporting tools allow you to analyze all of the cash flow and credit patterns that impact the success of your organization.

Automated Alerts

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers |

e-Emphasys ERP can alert your sales staff when new orders are created for customers who have exceeded their credit limit or have overdue invoices.

e-Emphasys ERP also automates late payment reminder letters to customers with outstanding balances.

Identify Risks

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Designated ERP Solution

e-Emphasys ERP’s Credit Analyst dashboard gives you the information you need to quickly identify risky customers and monitor sales to them.

Drill Down By Customer

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Credit Analyst Drill Down

Use e-Emphasys ERP to take a close look at individual customers to see a complete history of all transactions including sales invoices, payments, open and closed orders, credit limits, credit requests, customer owned equipment and more.

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