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Rental Management Overview

e-Emphasys Rental Management enables dealerships to plan, operate, monitor, and improve rental operations, to increase profitability and enhance customer service.

e-Emphasys integrates the rental department with all other functions.

e-Emphasys Rental Management supports multi-site rental operations, optimizing utilization across branches. It provides flexible pricing and price simulation options, to support advanced pricing schemes with multiple price and discount variables.

e-Emphasys caters to a variety of contract types (rent to rent, rent to sell and lease).

  • Tracking of customers’ rental inquiries as a guide to the sales force for follow-up and conversion of prospects to customers
  • Analysis of customer business history
  • Efficient administration of the rental process from quotation to invoicing and collection
  • Fleet inventory look-ups with complete visibility of models/configurations across all branches
  • Detailed tracking of rental status and fleet availability
  • Tracking of multiple meter readings
  • Price simulation for rental rate structuring
  • Flexible rental invoicing with auto calculation of invoice amounts, including off-rent periods
  • Rent-to-rent, rent-to-sell and lease contracts
  • Rent of equipment configurations, and/or individual base units, attachments, parts and components
  • Equipment configuration management, inspection, maintenance, transfer and hauling
  • Flexibility to manage any number of base units and attachments for different contract time periods (start dates & end dates) on the same contract, at different rental rates
  • Parts, rentals and sales of serialized and non-serialized parts on the same rental contract
  • Various formulae for calculation of rental rates (monthly/weekly/daily/hourly)
  • Multi-tier discounting of renting rates (general/campaign/seasonal/periodic)
  • Advanced graphical Rental Availability Chart based on intelligent search criteria and detailed status tracking
  • Inspections and auditing of inspection result
  • Focused and guided sales approach
  • Tracking of all sales activities and customer interactions
  • More effective customer sales interaction through interactive configuration and availability of offline customer information
  • On-site proposal generation
  • Revenue and profit reporting by geography, branch, line of business, OEM, equipment category, model, etc with drill down to transaction detail
  • Integration with sources of market intelligence to monitor sales activity in context of overall market activity
  • Win-loss analysis
  • All-inclusive proposals (equipment, attachments, warranty, services, trade-ins, etc.)
  • Sales force productivity
  • Complete customer interaction history
  • Monitoring and management of sales funnel
  • Advanced sales management reporting

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