Powerful. Seamless. Efficient.

e-Emphasys’ powerful integration services help you improve the flow of information between your manufacturers, suppliers and customers. e-Emphasys’ proven Dealer Management Software lets you control every aspect of your business, all from one place.

Don Shilling

“e-Emphasys has been very good about working with our manufacturers. As new developments and new needs for integration have arose e-Emphasys has done a good job of producing those quickly. The software is established in such a way that it is easy for it to integrate with our manufacturers.”

Don Shilling, Owner, General Equipment & Supplies Company

e-Emphasys ERP:  Integration Details

e-Emphasys ERP Offers Seamless, Collaborative Integration

  • Seamless Integration between your system and those of your manufacturers, suppliers and customers
  • Slash Lead Times by eliminating the need for OEM portals to communicate or receive quotes, orders, claims and invoices
  • Eliminate human error and heaps of paperwork
  • Optimize your effort by eliminating duplication and expediting transactions
  • Improve data quality by eliminating keying errors
  • Minimize mistakes and eliminate unwanted process delays

Credit Card & POS Integration

  • Seamlessly integrates with various payment gateways for on-line validation and payments
  • Interface supports all globally accepted credit cards
  • From Order to Cash – Part Sales, Service Order or Rental Sales screens have direct interface with credit cards
  • Real-Time accounts receivable updates
  • Supports split tender transactions

Total Control of Your Assets with IOT & Telematics

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | ERP Integrations IOT Telematics
  • Monitor individual pieces of equipment by installing a multi-functional transmitting unit on each machine
  • Real-Time condition-based monitoring tracks machine hours,GPS location and more
  • e-Emphasys translates critical diagnostic data into actionable items for service and rental operations
  • Plan optimized routes for equipment drivers
  • Store detailed information on your equipment
  • Send customer notifications
  • Pull machine data into your work orders to track repair progress from start to finish
  • Prevent Theft – real-time alerts when machines move out of geo-fence area

Identify Inventory in Real-Time with RFID And Bar Coding

  • Automatic Identification and Data Capture solution that automatically identifies inventory in real-time
  • Integrates seamlessly with scanning devices to automate data capture and feed information directly into e-Emphasys ERP
  • Device Independent – Enables integration with scanning devices from various suppliers
  • Higher inventory accuracy and optimized inventory levels
  • Simplified physical flow from raw material to finished goods
  • Improved operational performance from receipt to shipment of goods
  • Reduced distribution lead-time
  • Improved working accuracy and quality of paperless, real-time and error-free warehousing operations
  • Real-time tracking of enterprise WIP, parts distribution and inventory
  • Continuous feedback of working result enables future distribution planning