Convert Information Into Action With e-Emphasys ERP’s Industry-Best Analytics

e-Emphasys BI enables 3600 visibility and real-time reporting for faster and accurate decision-making, cutting down operational costs, and identifying new business opportunities. The intuitive graphical dashboard churns critical information, maps & models the data in a structured format, and presents an analytical representation of all your business processes, with real-time insights.

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Customer Success Video for Business Intelligence
e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Business Intelligence

“I use the BI Dashboard from e-Emphasys everyday. It’s a refreshing change from the past where I would generally ask once or twice a month how things are going. One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is look at my phone and see what we billed the previous day.”

–  John Kimball, CEO, Kimball Equipment

Designed For the Way You Work: Powerful Dashboards Tailored For Heavy Equipment Dealers And Rental Companies

Detailed Analysis of Every Aspect of Your Business

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Business Intelligence

Convert Information Into Action

  • Parts – Inventory, Fill Rates, Availability, Lead Time
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Service – Revenue Analysis, WIP, Labor Efficiency, Productivity, Warranty Claims
  • Rentals – Equipment Utilization & Rental Rates, LCC, Rental Revenue, Rate Analysis
  • Finance – General Ledger Analysis, Profitability, AR / AP Analysis, Cash, Financial Statement Analysis

Intuitive Analysis and Reporting Capabilities

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Business Intelligence

Powerful, User-Friendly Analytics To Help You Drive Revenue

  • Access role-wise dashboard reports that can be exported as Excel files
  • Drive analytical decision-making across the organization, with a daily data base of year-to-date; yesterday’s sales; sales for the last five days; daily sales by customer demand; receivables balance, etc.
  • Move from static reports to instant data visualization, in both graphical and tabular formats
  • Drill-down to the details, and diagnose cause-and-effect for industry-specific KPIs
  • Identify potential areas of improvement, using AED CODB reports, and other industry trends
  • Enable intuitive analysis and reporting capabilities across various demographics
  • Dynamically slice-and-dice through business variables
  • Complete Business Control – role-specific dashboards and reports that highlight Equipment, Rent and Labor Utilization; Revenue; Margins; Parts Aging, etc.
  • Better manage your business by making your operations more profitable

Industry Leading Capabilities With a User-Friendly Interface

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Business Intelligence Map Your Success

Put e-Emphasys’ Industry Best Practices to Work For You

  • Role Specific pre-built dashboards ensue the right people have the right information, daily
  • Data driven decision making without having to go through the content development cycle
  • Mobile Access – The power of e-Emphasys BI is available across all devices
  • Become Proactive – BI enables the executives to monitor targets, spot potential risks and explore new opportunities at a glance on a single screen
  • Increase Efficiency – Trend analyses across different business demographic helps decision makers take proactive measures for efficient utilization of resources

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