Spirit Of The Trusted Advisor Program.

The e-Emphasys Trusted Advisor referral program is designed to allow independent IT and management consultants (“Trusted Advisors”), who are well-known and respected in the Heavy Equipment Dealership vertical, to benefit from introducing e-Emphasys to their clients.

e-Emphasys recognizes that “Trusted Advisors” pride themselves on their status as fully-independent advisors who provide impartial expertise through consulting, training and mentoring to their clients. In no way does the Trusted Advisor program seek to modify, in any form, that important relationship between the Trusted Advisor and their clients. The program is therefore Non-Exclusive and designed, first-and-foremost, to allow interested Trusted Advisors to learn more about the e-Emphasys solution set and ERP products. If the Trusted Advisor draws favorable conclusions with regards to the capability of the e-Emphasys products and solutions, he may choose to share these views with his clients.

It is expected that this will occur through the following sequence: during the course of a Trusted Advisor conducting management consulting, training or coaching to a client, through the process of discovery, the Trusted Advisor identifies certain traits within the organization that suggest the client could benefit from an ERP solution. The Trusted Advisor informs his client that, if they are indeed open to considering an ERP solution, he has some experience with e-Emphasys and that might be a potentially good fit for the client. If the client then chooses, the Trusted Advisor may introduce the client to e-Emphasys.

Trusted Advisor Referral Fees

Fees will be paid by e-Emphasys to the Trusted Advisor on the closure of a referred customer. The referral fee will vary depending on the level of involvement of the Trusted Advisor, and paid according to the structure and commission rates of the Trusted Advisor program. Fees are a percentage of License Fee revenues to e-Emphasys which are based on the number of Users. Sales by e-Emphasys beyond the initial sale will be determined separately.

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