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e-Emphasys ERP is an enterprise software package built by e-Emphasys on the foundation of Infor’s ERP LN. For almost a decade, e-Emphasys has enjoyed premier partner status with Infor as a major solution and consulting partner. Building on this foundation, in 2004 Infor and e-Emphasys entered into an exclusive, long-term binding agreement under which e-Emphasys focuses on the development and support of e-Emphasys ERP, while Infor provides strong backing and local services. This unique agreement provides e-Emphasys customers with a significant benefit and assurance that their investment in e-Emphasys ERP is sound.

Infor is the world’s third largest enterprise software firm and #1 ERP in the Industrial Machinery and Equipment (IM&E) industry. Operating in over 20 languages and representing 15 of the top 20 equipment manufacturers, Infor customers include over 7,000 machinery manufacturers. A leading provider of business software and services headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, Infor helps 70,000 customers in 164 countries improve operations and drive growth. The company is financially strong (over $1.8 billion) and has Sales Offices in over 100 countries.

Infor ERP LN is the key Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application for the equipment industry. Deployed by Caterpillar, Liebherr, Komatsu, Hitachi and thousands of other firms, Infor ERP LN represents the rich foundation of e-Emphasys. Infor’s 800+ R&D engineers working on ERP LN combined with e-Emphasys’ 110+ R&D engineers focused exclusively on e-Emphasys ERP represent the largest product development group of any company focused on the needs of equipment dealers and rental companies. This ongoing large scale investment by Infor and e-Emphasys ensures that e-Emphasys ERP will remain at the forefront of the latest advances, a significant “future-proofing” benefit for e-Emphasys customers.

e-Emphasys leveraged the proven and robust Infor ERP LN as the foundation to develop an industry-vertical solution for equipment dealers and rental companies. e-Emphasys brings enterprise-grade features such as multi-language, multi-currency and integrated support of industry best practices – features that existing legacy point solutions had been lacking. e-Emphasys ERP provides all of the features and modules required for the industry (Parts, Service, Equipment and Rentals), but also provides access to the Infor ERP LN modules for manufacturing, tools, project management, transportation and much more.

e-Emphasys ERP being built on the Infor ERP LN foundation provides open support for hardware, operating system and database choices that best suit the needs of your organization. This allows companies to obsolescence-proof their platform choices. e-Emphasys customers are not locked into proprietary and expensive platforms and are free to switch vendors and take advantage of technological advances at any time.

e-Emphasys leveraged more than a decade of experience implementing ERP software in over a dozen countries to develop and fine-tune our proprietary StepFAST Implementation Methodology. Today, StepFAST provides support for rapid e-Emphasys ERP implementations that keep costs on budget. On-time and on-budget implementation is important for our customers and is one of the factors behind e-Emphasys’ unparalleled 100% implementation success rate for e-Emphasys ERP.

The success of e-Emphasys ERP promises the company’s sustained and rapid growth will continue as e-Emphasys launches its second decade in business.

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