e-Emphasys is a global IT solutions company, providing industry-specific ERP software to Dealerships and Rental companies of heavy equipment for the construction, mining, forestry, material handling, and agriculture industries. In today’s connected world, e-Emphasys provides a unified view of company data to simplify customer experiences, while improving operational efficiency, and creating significant increases in bottom-lines.

Dealership Excellence

e-Emphasys has a proven track record of ensuring success for Equipment Dealerships and Rental companies, by helping them achieve profitable growth. e-Emphasys combines excellent business and operational support systems. Its demonstrated service delivery platform and consulting resources with deep industry expertise are helping customers overcome their biggest business challenges – with its end-to-end business solutions enabling customers to increase revenue faster than industry averages.

More About e-Emphasys ERP System

e-Emphasys Today

e-Emphasys has taken a leading position with more than a decade of continuous growth and innovation. The company was founded with a simple objective: to create sophisticated engineered business solutions for the equipment dealership and rental industry. Over the years, the e-Emphasys technology solution has evolved to deliver very high customer-centric performance.

Looking to the Future

Dedicated focus on the equipment dealership and rental industry has brought us tremendous success and growth. The company has expanded beyond its North American roots, making successful strides across the globe. e-Emphasys solutions are relied upon by some of the most-recognized equipment dealerships and rental companies in the world.

Mission & Vision

Over the next five years, to be the leading industry-specific ERP solution of choice for heavy equipment dealerships and rental companies – delivered by best-in-class people, leveraging best-in-class technologies. We will accomplish this by helping our customers develop a sustainable competitive advantage, through improved efficiency, superior customer support capabilities, and tighter controls over operational expenses that impact the bottom-line.

Philosophy and Work Culture

While e-Emphasys is a company built on creating superior customer-focused technology, it is also built on the culture of innovation, a belief in strong ecosystems, and above all, hard work, inspiration and teamwork.

The company’s culture is one of its most valuable assets. At e-Emphasys, people are enthusiastic, open-minded, ambitious, committed, responsible, creative, friendly, flexible and passionate. Above all, they are innovative.

What are the Results?

We have an unrivaled record of Industry Firsts:

  • Successful delivery and deployment of dealership ERP software in 17 countries
  • Integrated Industry Best Business Practices
  • Real-time Business Analytics & Dashboards
  • Flexible OEM Interfaces
  • E-Commerce Customer Portals
  • All our customers use one version of the e-Emphasys ERP solution with little to no customizations.
  • We can deploy either in the Cloud or on Premise.

e-Emphasys Fact File

  • Founded in the year 2000 by self-funding
  • Headquartered in Cary NC, USA
  • Offices in USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Netherlands, India
  • Dedicated development center in Mumbai
  • Over 250 employees worldwide
  • 2003: Began developing industry-specific ERP to help enhance capabilities of the equipment distribution and rental industry
  • 2006: First e-Emphasys ERP customer goes live
  • 2006: e-Emphasys named Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • 2008: e-Emphasys BI delivers advanced KPI dashboards and management reporting
  • 2009: Industry’s first fully-integrated CRM introduced
  • 2011: Launched the industry’s first On-Demand, Cloud service
  • 2000+ man years invested in focused development
  • Customers in more than 20 countries
  • Consistently profitable – 20% annual growth for the past 5 years

The 7 Essentials For A Total ERP Solution: How Many Does Your Provider Have?

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Exclusive

The Heavy Equipment Dealership and Rental Industries Leading ERP System

With an industry-best track record of successful implementations to its credit, e-Emphasys ERP is a Proven Enterprise Solution for the Heavy Equipment Dealership and Rental Industry used by customers across 17 countries.

At e-Emphasys, we focus exclusively on the evolving heavy equipment industry. Our state-of-the-art ERP delivers effective and collaborative solutions that adapt to dynamic business environments and drive growth. The comprehensive solution integrates Industry Best Business Practices to help dealerships streamline complex business processes and reduce operational costs.

e-Emphasys ERP is not just about cutting costs, it’s about empowering businesses to take advantage of new growth opportunities, and achieve a sustainable competitive edge in a highly unpredictable environment. Our industry-specific solution offers excellent insights into key business operations, empowering real-time visibility which allows decision makers to be proactive rather than reactive.

For companies with a large proportion of after-sales services, or complex rental components, e-Emphasys offers a competitive advantage with its industry leading ERP Solution. Industry leaders such as SMS Equipment, Rish, General Equipment, Tracey, Linder, Groff Tractor, Marubeni, ACS, Construmac, Scott-Macon, FMS, and many other companies are experiencing incredible business benefits after migrating to the e-Emphasys ERP.  The modern and industry-specific solution is helping them to consistently meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Innovative

Turn Bright Ideas into Reality

Rethink, Redefine, and Relive your enterprise potential. Going beyond automating your business processes, e-Emphasys drives innovation through its proven ERP, to make your company work smarter and faster.

e-Emphasys ERP drives organization-wide efficiencies to reduce operational costs, and improve business processes. By leveraging our integrated best business practices, users can create KPIs that put customers at the center of organizational thinking. These new capabilities enable employee innovation, which translates directly to bottom-line results. e-Emphasys plays an important role in delivering outcomes, as your company transitions to an era of superior customer experiences.

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Proven

Proven by Success

e-Emphasys ERP is the first choice for heavy equipment dealerships and rental companies looking to streamline and control all processes, and deliver superior customer experiences. Developed on a modern and proven technology platform, e-Emphasys offers a single source of truth. It equips users with comprehensive functionality needed to effectively manage assets and proactively make decisions based on intelligent, real-time business insights.

e-Emphasys ERP integrates all aspects of your business with advanced tools, graphical interfaces, and smart mobility solutions. These provide quick access to information and enable critical data-sharing in real-time. e-Emphasys delivers powerful, role-based benefits while creating an unprecedented level of control over business processes and supply chain management. Seamless integration of the operational module, with CRM, Sales and Financial Management allows e-Emphasys customers to enjoy tremendous advantage over their competitors.

The modern system integrates proven business practices to give you an advantage over the competition. Businesses quickly attain excellence, bringing in high levels of efficiency at every stage of your operations.

e-Emphasys customers are reporting up to 30% reduction in operating costs, and other big business benefits such as 90% reduction in aged WIP, 45% increase in inventory accuracy, 80% improvement in shrinkage charge, 300% growth in business, 700% increase in net profit, and more.

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Industry Best Practices

Drive Growth and enable Continuous Improvements with our Integrated Best Business Practices

e-Emphasys ERP addresses the unique business needs of its customers. It integrates proven best practices, defined for a wide range of processes that benefit companies of all sizes. The ERP ensures delivery of its full potential for business improvement to ensure quick return on investment.
e-Emphasys is consistently achieving superior results compared to those offered by other ERP’s.

Built-in Visual Modeling, with a friendly user interface improves the ability to manage business processes effortlessly. Integrated Industry Best Practices supported by ground-breaking applications help accelerate implementation and training, and simplify the ongoing process optimization. This unique capability ensures that the e-Emphasys solution is not only quick to implement, but flexible and easy to reconfigure as your business grows

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | Service Excellence

Service Excellence – the Key Differentiator

e-Emphasys ERP provides a radical improvement in the way you service your customers’ mission-critical needs such as effective call intake, instant assignment of service engineers, schedule and route visibility, route optimization, online communication with field staff, real-time visibility and reporting from the field, and full equipment unit history.

e-Emphasys ERP for Equipment Dealers | End-to-End

Supporting the Complete Customer Experience: From Planning To Cash

e-Emphasys ERP is the most comprehensive solution designed to help equipment dealers and rental companies increase their sales and productivity. e-Emphasys’ integrated portfolio manages every aspect of the business – right from Inventory Planning, RPO and Service, to General Ledger and AR/AP.

e-Emphasys offers and supports a comprehensive set of Industry Best Practices and rapid deployment tools. Complimented by our rental portfolio, it supports end-to-end business life cycles. Our business consulting services help equipment service companies refine their vision and define the right strategies to address key business challenges. The proven abilities of e-Emphasys hone the manpower skills of dealership and rental companies, make people more effective – and their jobs more gratifying. This results in substantial benefits to the bottom-line of dealers.

Lowest TCO

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Unlike other vendors who bill extra for support services and require large, expensive teams
to deploy the ERP functionality, our solutions offer the lowest total cost of ownership because they are quicker to deploy and require less configuration and training.

e-Emphasys ERP delivers both cloud and on-site infrastructure, with highly-scalable architecture that allows for growth in alignment of your business needs.

Why Choose e-Emphasys?

Fast and Reliable

When you need to support customers in real-time, you can rely on e-Emphasys ERP solutions.

Simple and Straightforward

e-Emphasys is built using the simplest, and most modern architecture, based on industry best business practices.

Integrated, but Modular

Our unified architecture is modular at its core, providing a development framework on which to integrate business-specific applications, and build custom extensions.

Scalable and Flexible

Our solutions are built to grow alongside your business, providing the flexibility to meet your changing needs – allowing you to add your own business processes, and easily configure new and existing components.


Go where your customers are, with multi-site, multi-region and multi-currency options. We
engage with your customers, contextually and consistently, across all touch points.

Your Business Partner

From our first meeting to implementation, e-Emphasys will work with you to develop a solution
that streamlines your business and fits within your existing processes.