Chiefs Charity Game Final

e-Emphasys Technologies a Gold Sponsor of this Year’s Cornerstones of Care Chiefs Charity Game!

e-Emphasys will be supporting Cornerstones of Care and their efforts to raise funds for a new health clinic, new evidence-based practices, continued efforts to improve centralized access to care, and long-term mission sustainability.

Cornerstones of Care, led by President and CEO, Denise Cross, is a nonprofit organization based out of Kansas City, MO. For nearly 20 years, Cornerstones of Care has existed to make a significant impact on the lives of many in the Kansas-Missouri region. Cornerstones of Care believes that “if children and families do not receive the help and support they need, they are more at risk of dropping out of school, becoming unemployed, living below the poverty line, becoming incarcerated, developing health conditions, and repeating cycles of abuse or neglect.”

Founded on this conviction, Cornerstones of Care strives to transform lives in 6 major service areas: Education, Mental & Behavioral Health, Foster Care & Adoption, Youth Support, Family Support, and Community Trainings. Through the efforts of Cornerstones of Care, many can receive help, resources, and support that previously may not have been possible.

Cornerstones of Care provides services to 10,000 children and families every year. Just last year alone, Cornerstones of Care made an incredible impact as:

  • 308 students received education in therapeutic school programs
  • 3644 children and families received mental and behavioral healthcare
  • 1626 children in foster care received services
  • 228 youth received specialized support
  • 344 families received prevention and intervention services
  • 3,565 community members received training to expand their awareness of community issues

e-Emphasys Technologies is humbled to be a part of the Chiefs Charity Game and affirm that “Brighter Futures Are Possible” with Cornerstones of Care. See you at Arrowhead Stadium!

You can make a donation to the Chiefs Charity Game benefiting Cornerstones of Care here.